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    we manage your property with smart ai technology

  • Real S Property Service Center

    we provide comprehensive services

  • Real S Property Service Center

    Quality property and villa management to residential estates

Real S Property provides a full range of real estate services with professional experience and know the Phuket area well. Our services including land analysis,sales & marketing and legal entity.

Real S Property uses technology and knowledge for administration in condominiums and villages as a professional management company in Phuket. We have a professional team that has received professional certification from the Property Management Association of Thailand

Real S Property brings the technology platform of project management. Used to analyze and solve various problems of the project in order to increase work efficiency. Moreover, to reduce costs and increase the quality of life for residents.

Property For Sale

Reals property management specializes in sale and rent property to match specific requirements, give a professional sales team and personalizes services. Client benefit is our main objective in order to make you feel confident in the quality of our service and professional team.

Investment Consulting

Reals property management, we provide comprehensive services including legal and financial consulting. We are a global business, with a focus on large international investment funds and Chinese private investors.

Law And Regulations

Reals property management provides a business law consultant, help corporations to identify possible legal issues and implement solutions in areas such as such as business laws, investment laws and contract laws.

Marketing And Rental Management

Reals property management can maximize the profit from your property by providing a range of packages. Our sales team provides quality property and villa management to residential estates and condominiums.

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