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    Not only the management but to improve the quality of life

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    Developer to prepare accounting & budgeting for the management

Management Service

We bring the technology platform of property management. It is SMART PROPTY SOLUTION to use in analyzing, assessing problems to reduce errors and also increase work efficiency. At any rate, this is to reduces operation costs and to increase the quality of life, improved comfort for residents. Under the scope of property management services, RealS Property shall provide a full process of management services (common area management) directly or through the term contracting on an integrated 3 basis;

Property Management

A) Estate management

RealS property will take our professional experience to make recommendations to the Developer or Committee on improvements to the Estate. This will enhance services, improve in the living of residents and the Estate in safety and security through an on-site management team, with following procedures;

  • Full-time estate management team; RealS will provide the on-site management team stationed at the Estate.
  • Day-to-day management service; an on-site estate management team will be assigned jobs daily.
  • Routine work schedules; RealS will establish maintenance procedure to ensure that the comfort, safety and the security of the Estate, its residents
  • Service standard; RealS will implement training schedules for all its employees to ensure that optimum operating standards are achieved at all times.
  • Supervision on each job functions; on-site estate manager will supervise of all staffs and external contractors from time to time.
  • Rules and regulations, RealS will ensure that all employees will be strictly adhered to at all times.
  • Management Report; RealS will update progress on-site to the Developer and or villa owner as monthly and annual.
  • Up to date database of estate and villa owners; RealS will up to date all information and keep in the office.
  • Laws/Regulations; RealS will implement the estate to meet up Thai laws.

B) Accounting & Budgeting

RealS property will work with the Developer to prepare accounting & budgeting for the management of the Estate and will include any recommended capital expenditure to ensure that the Estate, its infrastructure, equipment, and contents are maintained and kept in good working order and condition with following procedures;

  • Accounting and billing services; RealS will provide the collection of charges for the maintenance of common areas and the sinking fund (If require).
  • Maintain current records of outstanding accounts; RealS will initiate an action for recovery of bad debts and advise developer of any problems concerning collection and recovery of money.
  • Submit monthly and annual accounts; RealS will prepare and submit to the relevant government authorities the monthly and annual accounts as required under the Laws of Thailand.
  • Financial Report; RealS will prepare a financial statement, Annual revenue, and expense report to the Developer and Villa owner as monthly and annual.
  • Purchasing and employing; an on-site manager will evaluate and recommend experienced term contractors and compare PROS and CON, then offer to the developer or villa owner for approval.

C) Maintenance & Engineering Services

Reals property and on-site management team will establish procedures to maintain these systems within the estate to ensure that all machinery and equipment are maintained in the best possible and safest condition and also in good working order with following procedures;

  • M & Esystem (machinery and equipment)
    Regular inspections and routine maintenance schedules for lightning conductors and other electrical equipment, electrical transformers, electrical panels and meters, and, auxiliary electrical generation equipment.
  • Air Conditioning and Ventilation system;
    Regular inspections and routine maintenance schedules for Air Conditioning and Ventilation system within the common areas and these include cleaning and changing of air-conditioning flters (when necessary), checking and topping up of coolants, scheduled cleaning and general maintenance.
  • Water Supply system;
    Regular inspections and routine maintenance schedules for the incoming potable water supply, the pump system, valves, meters, water distribution systems, sprinkler system for the private gardens, wastewater treatment and disposal system meets all municipal government requirements/standards.
  • Fire Protection System:
    Regular testing for all portable fire extinguishers, fire hose station as scheduled.
  • Property Infrastructure Maintenance:
    Regular inspections and routine maintenance schedules for the common areas and compound infrastructure i.e. roads, walkways, road and walkway lighting, drainage, common area retaining walls, water storage tanks, water delivery systems, electricity supply and utility connections to the Estate are contractually maintained.

After a more detailed on-site inspection of all key infrastructures, a detailed maintenance schedule as well as contingency plans for each element will be put in place. This task will be completed within the frst 3 months of Reals property's engagement

Supervision of Term Contractors Compound Cleaning (Common Areas)

Upon the recommendation by RealS property, the Developer will engage a competent and professional company for compound cleaning and a term contractor for the contract for compound cleaning services shall include cleaning and maintaining at these areas; the common open compound areas, Management office, Security station, Clubhouse, M&E rooms, and service roads.

PMS- Supervision of Term Contractors

Landscape Maintenance Services (Common Areas)

Upon the recommendation by RealS property, the Developer will engage a competent and professional company to maintain Landscape, plants, and turfs along the service roads and ensure that such landscaping area will be verdant, cleaned and tidiness.

  • Re-arrange gardening area by moving the right plants to the right place.
  • grow grass in a place where required along the public gardening area.
  • Water all plants.
  • Mow the yard or garden.
  • Fertilize grass, shrubs, and plants. Remove and treat weeds.
  • Pruning of dead leaves from bushes and shrubs in the common as the case may be and as required. As and when required, spray insecticide (as approved by the Food and Drug Administration Authority) to prevent insects and bugs which harm plants to control and promote healthy plant growth.
  • Remove and replace dead plants caused by negligence as and when required.

Supervision of Term Contractors
Provision of Insurance Coverage

RealS property will coordinate the provision of professional public liability and building insurances and will ensure that the policies remain current at all times. Building Insurance or All Risks Insurance coverage consist; Building (Excluding foundations) including building improvement, Fence and Gate, Furniture, Fixture Fittings, Electricity- Water - Telephone- Air Conditioner System, Office Equipment, Transformer, Fire Fighting System and all other contents belonging to the insured.

RealS property may assist villa owner who has requested insurance coverage for individual owners who wish to cover their property and contents within the premises.

Safety and Security

Reals property will take My Mooban (Digital security system) to apply with current security. This system will enhance the quality of living and our security system to a higher standard. These are consisting of

A) Visitor management system via Mymooban application system.
Visitor management system (contractors, staff, visitors, etc.) through the digital record. No further record ID Card, Scan ID card, and record on Cloud. Get notification of incoming guests who will meet. Then can decide to accept or deny.

B) 24-hour emergency personal assistance.
The resident and security guard can call on each other easily via the Cable-Free Intercom system. Report emergency cases to Security guards, Juristic office, Hospitals, Foundations, or Police stations in time.

C) Parcel management system.
Get notification of receiving parcel when you are not in a home through QR Code of MyMooban App.

Service Villa

RealS aims to create services with a professional standard in maintaining property and facility to make the living obtain a full comfort and relax and also including reflecting the value of the property as the following procedure.

A) Facilities maintenance service;
Site-technician will inspect and maintain facilities in a property to be always available for example;
- Fitness room, CCTV, Clubhouse, Public Gardening.

B) Villa maintenance service;
- Site-technician will monitor and control any subcontractor to meet with service standards and keep the property in well maintained; Gardening service, Pest control service, Pool service, Maid service, and Engineering service.

C) Private villa assistance service
- Technical emergency repair service; Site-technician agrees to inspect and minor repairs. It is free of charge.
- Technical general repair service; Site-technician will be assigned by office or developer


  • Automatic Revenue Recognition System

  • More accurate by auditing accounting activity in real time

  • Dashboard, a quick overview of important information and insights

  • Automatic data saving according to the chart of accounts

  • Improved communication with residents through the "co-owner / member" feature.

  • Reducing costs and Increasing Productivity

  • AI Smart Detection

  • Hi-tech security system


" Not only the management but to improve the quality of life"

  • Juristic Management Apply online digital platforms to establish a higher standard condominium.

  • Preventive Maintenance Our Engineer prepares checklist forms in a preventive maintenance plan to ensure that every machinery and building equipment will be well maintained and long-lasting.

  • Financial Accounting Transparency in accounting statements by recording via an online accounting system. The owner and committee are able to check through the dashboard on the phone over 24 hours.

  • Security system Improve and enhance the security system with (VMS) visitor management system.

  • Communication Creating online communication channels (chat) with co-owners to listen to the needs and provides better services for the residents 24 hours a day together with reporting all activities.

  • Energy and Cost-saving Define saving solution for energy-saving and other expenses 5-10% decrease every year for saving a budget for a condominium

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